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Z7ii LCD Screen Defect?

My Z7ii is about 3 months old now and I noticed what appears to be a smudge on the left side/edge and under the LCD display. It starts in the middle of the left edge and runs up to the top left corner. It is definitely underneath the display as it does not wipe away. It almost looks like there might have been an adhesive that is letting go but I'm not sure. The camera has not been dropped. It has not been near any water or harsh environment and it has been used sparingly (only around 400 pictures taken). There are no other issues with the camera and I am very happy with the quality of the images I am getting. I believe I will likely have to send the camera to Nikon as a warranty claim. Has anyone seen this issue before? Do you suspect I will have an issue getting Nikon to take care of this under warranty? Any thoughts on what a typical turnaround time is with Nikon? Thanks all...


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Hi Rickster,

I have never heard of something similar. I would advise to send it to Nikon asap. You never know what can happen inside if this is not sealed properly anymore and moister gets into the body.