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Hi, Rickster53 here...

I'm a new memeber to this forum. I am retired, live in NJ and consider myself an amatuer/enthusiast level photographer who enjoys taking mostly landscape photos on vacations and portrait photographs of the grandkids. Hoping to get some sage advice from members on upgrading from an ancient D90 to a new Z camera.
You might want to consider the issues that I outline in the enclosed link. Defining those will help us to help you to make a suitable choice.
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Budget is rather a fixed item, and that is critical to define in numerical terms as we can make many suggestions that you might not be financially suitable. That needs to include any optics that you will be buying.
Do you want to use and retain your current lenses, and if so, which ones do you currently have?
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As far as budget goes I’m ok with a body and lens combo costing about $3K. This put the Z8 out of my range. With that in mind I was looking at the Z 7ii with the 24-200 lens. I do not have any significant investment in DSLR lenses so the FTZ adapter is not of interest. I thought the 24-200 would be a good starter/general purpose lens and I can invest in other Z lenses in the future. My primary photo interests are landscape and portraits. Hope this info helps…
The combination you mention for general-purpose or multi role photography sounds reasonable. If you have no specialty niches - such as wildlife, macro, portraiture then such a lens would do a reasonable job as an all-rounder.