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Hello, I’m happy to have found this Nikon forum. I have been shooting with a Nikon for about 12 years now. Went from a D3100, D3200 to the D800e over that time as well as dabbled in M4/3 for a bit with an Olympus Em10II and an Em5II. Those were some amazing cameras that had some great features. I miss the Live time, Live comp and in camera focus bracketing and stacking features. In 2019 I sold it all and got a Z6 and later picked up a Z5 and have been enjoying ever since.A5236269-B6BE-4F22-9B27-10616FF97642.jpegCF2A0CD5-4A96-4D04-983C-A6CA68A28120.jpegFE13B893-0029-47DD-8A1C-522D2F08BD62.jpegB3531FDC-6C51-47E5-B8A5-3992F3720E19.jpegC73852E2-A090-47EC-9022-A846142BC304.jpeg