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Greetings from Pawleys Island, SC


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I have been doing photography since 1972. I started with a Minolta SRT-101 but soon outgrew it. I got a used Nikon FTN with a 50mm f/2 Nikkor H (still have them) and as they say, the rest is history. I have accumulated a lot of gear in the last 51 years. FTN, F2A, F3HP, F4E. F5, FE-2, Nikkormat FT2, Nikonos V and 2 D850's and a D500. I have no fewer than 34 non-AI/AI/AIS Nikkors from 8mm fisheye to 600mm super telephoto. Not an AF lens in the bunch. Old dogs can learn new tricks but this old dog just chooses to stick with what has worked for me for a very long time. I also have a Canon F1 and 5 FD lenses and a Hasselblad 500CM and 5 CZ lenses from 40mm to 250mm.They all work like a champ they all get used and I think I have finally reached the point where I can honestly say I do not need any more gear probably for the rest of my life (I am 65).

I enjoy a wide range of genres including nature, wildlife, landscape, macro, portrait and astrophotography (I have a Celestron 8" telescope).
Welcome! We're not far off in age, but you started a few years earlier than me! Wanted Nikon as a kid but could not afford them, now with used prices things are a bit easier to afford. Just getting into astrophotography, speaking of old dogs, but hoping to have some fun with it, both with cameras and a telescope. Cheers!
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Digital is the best thing to happen to photography since film. Now all the Non-AI/AI/AIS Nikkors I wanted are very inexpensive and the CZ lenses for my Hasselblad are affordable. All my DSLR's have split image/microprism screens in them. About 6 months ago I plunked down a good deal of dimes, nickels and pennies on an Epson Perfection 850 scanner. It does a fantastic job of scanning negatives for use on the web. My D850's and D500, as far as I am concerned, are simply digital F2's. Long live digital! :)
:) I just picked up a second F4, man are those cameras sweet! I have also picked up a few mechanical Nikons from the early years - you really feel like you are holding a solid piece of equipment with those. Several years ago a friend gifted me his Hasselblad 500C and an 80mm lens and a film back or two. I have added several lenses and feel mighty blessed.