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#DPReviewFriends - Check-In thread

Welcome Alain!

Thank you for this idea!

It is sad to hear that dpreview is closing the doors on April 10th.
We are happy to offer all dpreview users a new home. So this is the thread in which you can say "hello" to all your old dpreview peers. :z04-herz:

I say a BIG welcome to all old dpreview members here!


and do not forget:

Welcome youie!

yes, we hope so too. You can tell all your friends at dpreview about it. The more come, the better. There is not that much time left to spread the news. Only a couple of days left, then everybody is gone and we can not reach them anymore ;)
Hi Shiny,

greetings to Yorkshire and



If you have old postings at dpreview, which could be interesting for others, you can copy/paste them here into the forum. That will pretend that important experience gets lost as soon as Dpreview shuts down.

I can change sections/subforums here easily. So just tell me in the suggestion area, what could be in your view improved/chnages/reordered. We are flexible and will do whatever it takes to make this forum the best new home for you.

Regarding the copying of your old dpreview content: Please make sure, that you only copy what you have written yourself. It is not allowed to copy postings from somebody else.

But nobody forbids you to get an idea from somebody else and write something similar in your own words here into the forum ;)

Hope more dpreview users are coming.

:spread-the-news: and tell you most active users and friends over there, that we are here to help.
Hi from Craig, from Phoenix. I'm mostly into underwater photography these days, or travel photography. Currently shooting a Z9 after a D850 and several other Nikons. I have a lot of my snapshots up on my own webserver at
Hy, I'm John. I was an avid amateur film shooter in the 80's, my old Canon AE-1 finally gave up the ghost in the 90's. At that time, the kids were young and we just bought a house, so I settled for a Fujifilm point-and-shoot that did its best until 2018. My wife and I were about to go on a once in a lifetime trip to Africa, so I scooped up a D5600 deal that came with 2 kit lenses, 18-55mm and 70-300mm. I am still a bit overwhelmed with all the settings, sometimes I couldn't understand why a shot didn't even focus. I just recently got a grip on using the autofocus properly and look forward to getting better with it.
Hey, from Port Orchard, WA, USA ... longtime Nikon user - Nikon FE, D70, D2x, D700, D800, D850, Z fc; awaiting Z8 (maybe.)