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Should I Buy a Z7ii Now?

New member here considering an upgrade from my old Nikon D90 to a Z7ii. I know this will be a significant upgrade and improvement for me but I'm wondering if the time is right to buy? There have been runors for quite some time about both a Z6iii and a Z7iii coming. But from I've been reading/hearing there seems to be more chatter about a 6iii and very little about a 7iii although nobody really knows if either will upgrade, and there might never be a 7iii. Right now I am leaning toward the 7ii versu the 6ii because of the higher resolution and slightly more comfortable feel when handling; and I do mostly landscape and portrait photography. A Z8 won't fit in my budget. Nikon is currently running a $700 discount on the 7ii right now so it can be bought for $2295. So my question is should I pull the trigger now on a 7ii? I'm thinking that if a 7iii is released that it will likely be a $3000 camera--not in my budget. And then the 7ii might see a further price cut. Looking for some advice on whether my thinking is sound and if it's time to pull the trigger on the Z7ii. Thank you.
Hi Rickster,

If you feel comfortable with the feature set of the Z7ii and also with the Z6ii, then I would make your timing dependent on the best promotion price.

If a Z7iii or a Z6iii comes out, maybe the prices of the former model will decrease even more. But nobody knows this for sure.

I definitely would not buy the newer model for your use case. The Z6ii and Z7ii are capable more than enough for this.

Bear in mind that only the Z7 has no AA filter. The Z6 has one. This would be an important factor fo me, although I would not like to have always so many MP. 24MP is my personal sweet spot.
Whether you should buy a Nikon Z7 II (Z7II) camera now depends on your specific needs, preferences, and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Budget: Can you afford the camera and any accompanying accessories? The Z7II is a high-end mirrorless camera, so it may be relatively expensive compared to other options.
  2. Photography Needs: Do you require the features and capabilities offered by the Z7II? Consider factors such as resolution (45.7 megapixels), autofocus performance, low-light performance, and video recording capabilities.
  3. Future Plans: Are you planning to invest in Nikon's Z-mount lens system? Buying into a camera system often involves committing to a particular lens lineup, so consider the availability and suitability of lenses for your photography needs.
  4. Alternatives: Have you researched other camera options that might better suit your requirements or offer better value for money? Consider competing mirrorless cameras from brands like Sony, Canon, and Fujifilm.
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Thank you for the thoughtful reply. Here's my reply to the questions you raised...

1. My budget is around $3K. So the Z 7ii and a decent general purpose/starter lens like the Z 24-200 is just around that.
2. The Z 7ii is probably more camera than I need. I am certainly not a professional photographer; rather I am retired and am someone who likes to take photos of my travels and portraits of the grandkids. One of the reasons I'm leaning towards a Z 7ii vrs. a Z 6ii is the added resolution because I do tend to crop. I will probably do a very limited amount of video recording.
3. Yes, I am planning to invest in more Z-mount lenses in the future. I am coming from an old reliable D90 with an 18-105 and 70-300 lens and don't plan on using a FTZ adapter for those. The upgrade to a new mirrorless camera from the D90 will be a big upgrade for sure!
4. I did look at some of the Canon models bit I am already familiar with Nkon and its menus/functions. And, at the time, I thought there was better value with Nikon. The Z 7ii is currently available for $2295 and I saw the Z 24-200 on sale for $599, both from an authorized Nikon dealer.

Appreciate and thoughts or feedback you might have. Thanks again for the reply...
So I thought I would close the loop and let you know that I decided to folow Dirk's advice... I got a very good price at Best Buy on the Z 7ii ($2299.99) and on the Z 24-200 ($599.99). That's $300 lower for each of them compared to what they are currently selling for at Best Buy and other authorized dealers. So I saved a total of $600 over what they sell for today. Much to learn about my new camera but looking forward to enjoying the purchase!