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Hello and looking for help


New Member
Newbie here, looking for help
Hi, I just got a new Zf camera and I’m still learning all the settings while going out and enjoying using it.
I’ve gone through all the menus making adjustments as I needed. But I have ended up with something weird that I don’t understand. I started out on the automatic, setting, rather than manual, or any of the semi-automated choices. But now that I’m wanting to get off of the totally automatic settings, my pictures are all in black-and-white rather than color. I can’t find anything in the menus that is causing this.

Any ideas? AAA
Check Picture Control on P176 of the Zf Reference Guide at this link:
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What you call black and white, Nikon refers to as Monochrome and that setting is one of a series explained on P175 and 176. You can change the setting via the menu explained on this page.
I hope this helps you resolve your issue.